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Wmc Action News 5's Joe Birch Sits Down With Rob Lowe - Wmc Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

"I have to say, a lot of the writing is theirs. They're really, really smart. Then, I got to figure out the characters." "Hairy was the worst," Lowe recalled, referring to the commercial in which he played "crazy hairy" Rob Lowe. "Not to gross you out more than you already are having seen it, but kim kardashian thong it was actual human hair." Now 50-years-old, Lowe has made a mark on network television and in the movies since age 9. But he said these go!! ads, which run constantly during NFL games, have become his calling card. "I've had feedback from you name it-- Dustin Hoffman the other day. I'm thinking, 'There's a guy who knows what's what,'" Lowe said. He added that Hoffman loves the ads. "So just goes to show you.
Source: http://www.wmcactionnews5.com/story/27498030/wmc-action-news-5s-joe-birch-sits-down-with-rob-lowe

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