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Hollywood Bowl Inducts Kristin Chenoweth, Go-go's And Pink Martini - los Angeles Times

Henson talked of the honorees donating the evenings performances. Barbara Eden of TVs I Dream of Jeannie presented the eclectic, multi-lingual musical group Pink Martini, whose lead singer China Forbes translated one http://www.kiwibox.com/huffsqdh/blog/entry/115732275/ray-j-speaks-on-arrest-blames-claustrophobia-for-assault-/?pPage=0 of their popular French tunes, as follows: I dont want to work; I dont want to lunch; I want only to forget; and then I smoke. The parade of star power continued with Academy Award winner Helen Hunt praising YOLA, the Youth Orchestra L.A., and recording star Natasha Bedingfield introducing the iconic all-female rock band, the Go-Gos. Finally, Carol Burnett called Chenoweth to the stage, describing her as a towering figure in the entertainment industry, before adding, Not really shes only about this big, referring to the Emmy and Tony Award winners 411 height. Wicked moments: Having originated the role of Galinda, a.k.a. Glinda the good http://hyreadyxeroc.newsvine.com witch in Wicked, Chenoweth said she sometimes trolls the Internet checking out the worlds Galindas. There are a lot of talented girls out there. There really are, she said, before singing Popular in English, Japanese, German and Italian. She talked of her concert tradition of choosing a volunteer at random to join her in For Good, the shows famous duet. I never, never pick [in advance] because I want to have the real moment, she said, but tonight I actually got to think about it. She then talked of Lea Micheles career, their friendship and how shes seen Michele have to have her life in front of the kim kardashian dress world. Michele said, I have loved Kristin for so many years.
Source: http://www.latimes.com/fashion/alltherage/la-ar-hollywood-bowl-inducts-kristin-chenoweth-20140623-story.html

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